The American Renewal Project


History in the making

Tens of thousands of church leaders have attended these events across the nation - and the post-event surveys have one thing in common: 99.9% of pastors and spouses agree that these events have been inspirational, educational, refreshing and a real blessing. And, that is the intent, to bless ministry leaders  and their spouses with an all expenses covered afternoon, evening and morning full of spiritual refreshment. 

The conferences are geared to encouraging pastors and ministry leaders to boldly address all moral and social issues with their congregants.

We All Know

We all know that politicians are not going to save America, Wall Street is not going to save America, even our military strength will not save America. If America is to be saved, Biblical values must be returned and embraced in the public square; and there is now arising a spiritual refreshing across America. A spiritual resurrection in fact, that will brightly emanate from America’s churches; directly engaging the culture, restoring identity, direction and morality in our nation. 

Ministry leaders and spouses are strongly encouraged to attend localized Renewal Project events. These are free, private, gatherings of hundreds of pastors and ministry leaders interacting with one another and hearing from super-informative speakers.

As Americans

As Americans, we all know that the First Amendment to our Constitution secures our freedom of religion and our freedom of speech. But, did you know that President George Washington once said that “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”? In today’s America, sometimes it seems as if our essential freedoms of religion and speech are being infringed upon; certainly tested.

The American Renewal Project is designed to engage pastors and ministry leaders in better understanding the times in which we live, and to encourage bold leadership with Biblical insight as salt and light in our cities, states and across the nation.


" As a  first-time attender, there was much to appreciate with the entire  conference. For registered attendees, parking, meals, and lodging were  all complimentary. The great majority of the speakers offered political  insights and presented varying historical precedence throughout their  messages. The keynote speakers, Josh Hawley and Os Guinness,  particularly stood out in their talks. Instead of using the platform for  political grandstanding, Senator Hawley was genuine in his admonition for  Christians to boldly stand for Biblical values. He confidently declared  that legitimate change in government only occurs through the changing  power of the Gospel. The other keynote speaker, Os Guinness, brought  British intellect and prowess to offer an understanding of what makes a  country truly great. Using the Biblical nation of Israel as an example,  Guinness spoke of how God’s covenants with His people affect the outcome  and direction of a nation’s future. The speakers collectively sought to  give urgency from biblical and historical positions to encourage  pastors to not remain silent. Instead, the battle cry urged Christians  to declare truth in both religious and secular settings. "

"The  entire event was well orchestrated and organized. Perhaps the greatest  aspect of the whole conference was the personal interactions with fellow  pastors and interested brothers and sisters in Christ from across the  state. During meals and down times, conversation was lively, political,  and edifying. Opportunity was given for Christians to encourage one  another and for political discourse to occur. The personal interactions  gave a greater sense of authenticity and genuineness to the conference."

For  me personally, I greatly appreciated the bridge that was created  between politicians and pastors. Hearing spiritually and politically minded speakers discuss the need for the  Gospel and Christian involvement in government was encouraging and  challenging. As a millennial, I was thankful to hear an emphasis on God  alone being sufficient for America, rather than a demigod politician."

"While  some speakers had a wide array of viewpoints concerning the role of the  United States, God’s view of particular political parties, and the role  President Trump plays within it all, the great consensus was that God  can and will use Christians to bring America back to the Lord – whether  through the act of voting or through elected office. Overall, it was an  insightful journey into the realm of politics and religion and where  they meet to bring glory to the Lord…"

Make a difference

 Your financial support  will enable us to continue our mission to bring solid, Christian values to the public square by uniting churches and Christians in prayer, education and nationwide impact in our communities that truly represent the Biblical values and beliefs our country holds so dear. 

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